Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground Penetrating Radar Service(GPR)

GPR/ Concrete Scanning
Ground penetrating radar services (GPR) is a non-destructive method of scanning and profiling an area in order to ascertain the existence and location of underground utilities, buried valves, tanks, or other structures. It is especially useful for determining the presence and location of non-metallic lines which do not respond to electromagnetic locating methods provided that the proper soil conditions exist.
Use of GPR can be very helpful in indentifying the location of utilities. It is often times used prior to Vacuum Excavation to help ensure that all hazards have been identified. There are some limitations to GPR as it is affected by soil type and conductivity as well as the diameter and depths of the pipes underground. The deeper the pipe, the larger in diameter it must be in order to be “seen” by the radar unit. While GPR effectiveness is limited in Arizona and Nevada in general, it is simply another tool used in conjunction with the multitude of specialized equipment by Safe Site technicians to help piece the puzzle together in determining what is underground and make your site safe for excavation.
Concrete Scanning is designed for non-destructive investigation and imaging of concrete and other manmade structures in identifying rebar, conduits and post tension cables within concrete. This equipment is a portable, hand held unit which allows us to scan concrete walls, rooftops and mutlistory buildings. Construction professionals involved in cutting, coring or drilling of concrete structures require a safe and reliable means of inspecting work areas to locate and identify hidden features that could cause damage to machinery, or pose a danger to the operator or the structure itself during these activities.​

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