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Utility Locating & Underground Camera Inspection in Phoenix


Utility Location Service


Utility Locating

Most “traditional” utility locating services is accomplished through electromagnetic locating methods where the target facilities are metallic or are placed with a metallic “tracer wire”. The equipment utilized consists of… (more)

Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) Company

SUE is a process used to positively identify the location, depth, and characteristics of underground utility locating service as part of the design stage of constructing new infrastructure or placing new utilities. Utilizing Subsurface Utility Engineering SUE in the design stage has many benefits…(more)

Vacuum Excavation Services (Potholing)

Vacuum excavation provides a non-destructive method for safely and efficiently locating and exposing underground utilities. Once a small hole is cut in the surface, pressurized air is used to break up the soil while a high pressure vacuum unit… (more)

Ground Penetrating Radar Services Company

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-destructive method of scanning and profiling an area in order to ascertain the existence and location of underground utilities, tanks, or other structures. It is especially useful for determining the presence… (more)

Utility Mapping Service Phoenix Arizona

Safe Site can provide GPS location utility mapping services whereby positional data is acquired to include X, Y, and Z coordinates. Detailed maps can be provided in virtually any format including Shape Files and CAD. (more)

Sewer Line & Conduit Locators

Sewer lines, conduits, or other facilities comprised of plastic, clay, or tile are not locatable via electromagnetic methods and therefore not typically identified and marked in the field prior to construction activities. This can be a costly and dangerous… (more)

Pipeline Video / CCTV Inspection Service

A video inspection of pipelines is a cost effective means of evaluating the condition of the interior of a conduit, sewer, or drain pipe. Blockages or damaged areas can also be easily seen and subsequently located from the surface to pinpoint… (more)


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