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 Vacuum Excavation Services (Potholing)
Vacuum excavation provides a non-destructive method for safely and efficiently locating and exposing underground utilities. Once a small hole is cut in the surface, pressurized air is used to break up the soil while a high pressure vacuum unit is used to remove the debris depositing it into the storage tank. This method has become the industry standard for digging very precise potholes with virtually no risk of damaging utilities. With Damage Prevention everyone benefits.
Applications for Vacuum Excavating include:  
  • Potholing utilities to positively identify conflicts in the design engineering phase
  • Potholing utilities ahead of excavation or directional boring activities. This includes sewer laterals which are normally not marked.
  •  Trenching in congested areas where backhoes would be overly intrusive
  • Trenching in areas where tree roots must be preserved
  • Digging sign or post holes in congested areas
  • Exposing utilities under foundations in the interior of homes or buildings
Benefits of Utilizing Vacuum Excavation:
  • Prevent injury or death from striking utilities during excavation
  • Prevent  costly liabilities for repairs to utilities and third party claims
  • Prevent utility customer outages that give you a bad name
  • Prevent down time for utility line repairs. At fault or not, you suffer down time for repairs
  • Keep your equipment working with no lost time hand digging to expose utilities