Concrete Coring

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The concrete coring process includes a robust, truck mounted coring unit or Minicor coring attachment that quickly and accurately cores up to a 24″ in diameter hole and up to 22″ in depth through asphalt, asphalt-concrete and reinforced concrete road systems and sidewalks

Vacuum systems are then used to excavate down to buried plant, and routine service or maintenance is performed from road level using specialized long-handled tools.

Concrete Coring Services

Concrete Coring Technology eliminates the need for jackhammers and backhoes, is physically less demanding on work crews, and reduces the cost of these conventional operations.

Because the original core, or coupon, is reinserted after the repair, the pavement restoration costs are limited to the labour and materials necessary to reinstate the core permanently. No temporary patching or repaving is required. This process results in a permanent repair with significant cost savings.

The core, or coupon, cut from the pavement using the coring equipment can be reinstated as a permanent repair using Utilibond Permanent Pavement Bonding Compound after the hole has been properly backfilled and compacted. This process complies with most agency sepcifications, including Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG).